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I am a long time sufferer of an autoimmune disease (since 2006) and know inflammation in my body is an ongoing issue. I was struggling for 6 months last spring and into summer, so much that it was impacting my life. I was losing my motivation and feeling defeated and drained. I tried a few medications and puffers for much of 2016 for chronic bronchitis. By November after a breathing test, I was diagnosed with asthma and had a referral to a respiratory specialist.

I ordered my OHAir Hydroxyl Purifier unit and within a week I was sleeping through the night! My lungs were showing improvement as I was breathing easier and sleeping more soundly. I was not needing the puffers as much and when I finally got to the respiratory specialist they reported that I didn’t even have asthma. I was elated! They told me “you have the lungs of a 20-year-old!” WHAT?

The OHAir Hydroxyl Purifier has changed my life. Since I began using the purifier, the inflammation throughout my body has decreased, resulting in less pain and infections. My summer seasonal allergies have been non-existent. My overall health continues to improve.

My OHAir Hydroxyl Purifier runs all day in my clinic (RMT/FST therapist) which leaves me feeling great and energized at the end of a long work day. My clients benefit too, what a bonus!

I am forever grateful to Chris Frederick who introduced me to this incredibly healing purification system. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their health, to breathe much more easily so they can enjoy life to the fullest!

Terri Ternoey RMT/L 3 Medical FST

I would like to make a heart felt THANK YOU for the technology that is the OHAir hydroxyl air purifier.

This is a long testimonial so bear with me as it is worth the read.

I have been a long term asthma sufferer (since aged 2, currently 44) and spent my entire life on various preventer and acute care medications. In my early 30’s I was diagnosed with COPD (meaning my airways don’t fully relax) and then in my early 40’s diagnosed with Aspergillosis of the lungs and sinus’ (mould in the lungs and sinus’). At this point I was on the highest dose of preventer medication pulse doses of steroids (usually every 6-8 weeks) recurrent antibiotics to treat several bouts of pneumonia.

Within 3 days of having the purifier going day and night I could breath easier. My sinus’ cleared up for the first time IN MY LIFE with no antibiotics. Long story short since using the purifier I have had no antibiotics no prednisolone and I actually don’t know where my ventolin is right now as I haven‘t used it in months.

If you are even remotely interested in this product please at least hire one and give it a go. I have no doubt you will be converted.

Dr. (0steo) Lisa Vaughan

OHAir has changed our life… I would say my son’s life to a better and healthier living. My son “Zach” was born premature at 31 weeks. He was diagnosed with Chronic Asthma since he was born. At 11 months he was admitted at Alberta Children’s Hospital-ICU. We were at the hospital for the whole month. That was worst part of my life, seeing my son in that kind of situation where you can’t do anything but pray. I was so paranoid about my son getting some virus, we stayed at home most of the time during winter. Zach wasn’t able to play with other kids because he was so susceptible to infection. We continued battling with asthma as medications prescribed were ineffective or predicted to become effective after his taking them for up to a year. In January 2016, an OHAir air purifier was introduced to me and the first night we used that equipment it has changed my son’s life. No colds, no more sleepless nights for him and me and he can play normally with the other kids and that’s priceless. I would highly recommend OHAir to all the mom’s out there that are in the same situation as me.

Chona Rivera

“For over 5 years I suffered from recurring coughing fits, almost every evening and often through the night. I had assumed that I was simply sensitive to dog hair and dander and to dust in general and that I would have to live with that.

Two years ago I bought an OHAIR hydroxyl generator for my home. Generally I had the machine running for a few hours in my bedroom during the day or evening and for a few hours during the day in the living areas. Almost immediately my coughing stopped completely. However, whenever I forgot to turn it on for a number of days, the coughing would come back.

I work with kids in a fifteen year old school with over 700 children. The floors are mostly carpeting and kids eat (and spill) their lunches every school day. Eventually I realised that when I was away from school for longer periods (summer, Christmas and Spring Break) that my coughing disappeared even when I don’t have the OHAir hydroxyl machine on. I then brought the machine into the school and left it on overnight for a week. My coughing completely disappeared.

I also discovered that my home bathroom had mould hidden under the lino floor, this we killed by treating the area with the OHAir hydroxyl generator.

We still use the machine regularly to give the entire house that “clean” smell without the use of any aerosols or chemicals. The OHAIR hydroxyl generator is amazing machine that has improved the quality of life for both for me and my family. ”

Sue Walker | Calgary, Alberta

“It was evident that even though we scrubbed, painted and replaced all the old flooring, without the help of OHAir, we would have never been able to achieve the level of clean air quality we required. The odour and bacteria were all eliminated. I can only imagine the multitude of applications this product could be used for. It is light, easy to move and is quiet to operate. Thanks to OHAir, we were able to complete our restoration.

Mary Freedman | Toronto, Ontario

Thank you for suggesting the OHAir hydroxyl generating system to Nick and me.

Our home, which had an indoor pool that we filled in and converted to a Great Room, is currently for sale. The chlorine smell in the styrofoam ceiling from the 30+ years that the pool was enclosed has turned out to be an ‘issue’ for prospective buyers.

Nick and I were really at a loss on how to remove the smell, short of replacing 1500 sq. ft. of ceiling ourselves, at a cost of approximately $10,000.

We used your OHAir system as instructed. You said it could take 4-5 days to remove the smell, but in no time at all (2 days) the chlorine smell was completely and permanently removed. We are amazed, and so grateful for this elegant solution.

We can show our house now without any worries. Our Great Room now truly smells ‘great’.

We would recommend your company’s systems without reservation to anyone in a similar situation. I wish you and OHAir every success in the commercial and residential world.

Nicholas Maxheleau and Elizabeth Winter

After the Calgary floods our entire family experienced continued illnesses resulting in 4 hospital visits, 1 lengthy. Once we installed the OHAir hydroxyl air treatment units, all 5 members of our family have been healthy and all breathing issues have disappeared. No more lingering odours, only freshness. Thank you.

Liz Leuschner | Rideau Resident

I want to tell you about the difference in my home air in less than 2 weeks with the OHAir generator installed. I was cleaning my house this morning and noticed the walk-in shower no longer has the usual pink discoloration where the water collects along the sliding door. I have been in my office most of this morning and am not having any allergic reactions. Previously I would react within 10 minutes of being in the office. I have been downstairs briefly but intend to really test it later today with a workout, since going outside would be unpleasant in the snow. I have a clear nose and can smell the clean air instead of being constantly stuffed up. There is no longer odour in the basement. Even the furnace room smells fresh. I have been telling my friends about how good I feel and how happy I am to finally breathe easily. I am sleeping better. In short my health isimproved.

Nancy Holland

Thank you VERY MUCH for introducing us to your Hydroxyl Air Processor units. My wife and I have been testing the portable unit and we cannot believe the difference it has made in both of our lives. She suffers from a number of allergies and since we have had the unit in our home she has become a NEW PERSON. Her breathing has improved, her watering eyes have diminished and her all around physical wellbeing has improved. I personally have noticed a difference in the texture of my skin, it seems a lot more softer and smoother. I also seem to be getting a deeper more refreshing sleep since the unit has been installed.

John Senycz | Manager, Service Division (Calgary)

My youngest child has eczema. It had gotten so bad that he would itch himself bloody during the night. During a trip to the Gulf of Mexico he developed a skin staph infection because of the eczema. I brought him to the pediatrician, dermatologist, infectious disease specialist and a chiropractor.

One doctor implied that I was neglecting him because his skin was so awful. I was hurt and frustrated. We had been doctoring for three years! Then, I heard about the OHAir machine. I was willing to try anything! After about six weeks of the OHAir unit in my house, his eczema was under control! It has not cleared up completely but we only apply the steroid creams once a week now vs. TWICE DAILY! He no longer scratches at night. It has been a miracle for us. And if that is not enough, my older son has asthma. He has quit taking his daily Singulair and very seldom uses his albuterol inhaler. With all the past doctor appointments, prescriptions and my time away from work, the OHAir machine is saving me the money I spent on the machine!!

Mary Nagel | Bismarck, ND